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$15 stringing fee for each racquet dropped off.

The racquet will be strung within 48 hours of drop off. (see list below for current in stock string & cost)  

The firm monofilament construction will enable you to take huge cuts at the ball without losing control

In Stock String



Zero - ReString

Without a doubt the best tennis string on the market! Zero is an Eco Friendly string with loads of spin, power & control!



Dunlop Black Widow 17g

Black Widow is a sneaky string that provides amazing comfort for players. 



Solinco Hyper G Soft  16L

Solinco released this string to be a softer version of it's sister string Hyper G to allow players power with more arm comfort. 



Luxilon Savage  17g

Savage provides enhanced control and spin over the professional tour favorite, ALU Power



Luxilon Alu Power 16g

Soft .jpeg


Luxilon Alu Power Soft 16L

Alu Power Soft has great feel and appeals to intermediate and advanced players who want a control string.



Yonex Poly Tour Rev 17g

(White & Purple)

 A co-polyester monofilament that provides amazing spin. 



Yonex Dynawire 17g

With its great all-around playability and high comfort level, this is a very solid option for non string breakers



Dunlop Explosive Bite 17g

Bite provides players with great durability and playability while maintaining amazing control



Dunlop Explosive Speed 17g

A co-polyester with amazing control 



Dunlop Silk  16g

Dunlop Silk is an amazingly soft string! It is a great option for players looking for a hybrid! 



Luxilon Adrenaline 16g

The string choice for Andrey Rublev. This string provides great durability and control. 



Signum Pro Firestorm 16g

The string choice for Matteo Berrettini provides amazing power & feel. 



Tier One Firewire 16g& 18g

Great spin friendly string with loads of power. 



Wilson Natural Gut

Natural Gut provides the most comfortable experience playing tennis, while also providing amazing durability.



Head Synthetic Gut

Head synthetic gut provides comfort and surprisingly good playability for the price. In addition to being the perfect option for bargain hunters

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